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Warehouse & Distribution

Warehouse and Distribution Security is a critical investment, concern and component for hardware businesses. Not carefully planning about it, may make your warehouse count among the rising warehouse theft cases of the CANADA. To ensure integrity in your warehouse operations, we offer bespoke, dependable and round the clock security professionals who are well-versed with the latest warehouse regulations introduced in the country. With optimum onsite security vigilance at your warehouse, we deter crime and simultaneously, manage loss prevention. Security guards during their duty span takes care of all commodities, equipment, vehicles, people and assets within your warehouse premises. For holistic warehouse security protection, we recommend both static security guards and high-impact patrolling when it comes to warehouse and distribution security in Canada.

We provide presentable and professional warehouse security guards who are fully licensed, trained and wetted.

The process of appointing ALPHA Security Warehouse security guards in Canada starts with a threat assessment tour at the site, followed by a cost-effective security map by our team. This also includes everyday activities of security guards such that there is no compromised service at your warehouse during official duty hours. Following this strict regime for our every warehouse and distribution project enables us maintain the reputation and privacy of our clients.

Pre-deployment checks and training of every warehouse distribution security personnel working at ALPHA Security, security guard agency in Canada allow us to maintain discretion, loyalty and honesty in our services. During duty hours, all ALPHA Security warehouse distribution security agents abide high level of professionalism with both uniform and composed etiquette.

ALPHA Security Warehouse and Distribution Guards are available at Toronto, Milton, St Thomas, Wellesley, Strathroy, Aylmer, Ayr, New Hamburg, Hamilton, St. Catharines, London, Niagara Falls, Brantford, Woodstock, Guelph, Waterloo, Cambridge and Kitchener in Ontario, Canada.

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