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Security guards being at the front line for our safety and serenity requires professional training to develop the capabilities and situational alertness. Just appointing a security guard never solicits the purpose. Only when the security guard has the right knowledge, skills, and instincts familiar with basic characteristics of the situation, then only the guard can respond to a threat or crisis with responsibility. Please contact us and get started with your Ministry approved security guard training at affordable rates.


How to obtain security guard licence in Ontario?

In order to obtain a Security Guard License in Ontario, one must complete both Security Guard training (Online Course) + Emergency CPR and First Aid Certification Level C (In-Class). However, for any reason if someone is only looking for only either one of the course we will be happy to assist with that too. Please see the step by step process to obtain Security Guard License in Ontario below:

  • Security guard training

    Our security guard training is completely online (This training can be either in class or online. The key point to note is it has to be through a Government approved training provider) and it consist of 40 Hour Mandatory security guard course and also contains a mandatory emergency first aid and CPR level C portion. Please contact us using the contact info on our website to get started with Ministry approved security guard training

  • Emergency First aid and CPR

    Once you are done with the online training (Step i) you need to finish First aid and CPR certification. With our first aid and CPR course, you are only required to attend 3 hours in class whereas previously you were required to attend up to 8 hours in class. Please contact us to register for one our scheduled classes based on the availability.

    There are 3 level of CPR training available


    Emergency First Aid and level A - CPR is the minimum requirement but First aid and Level C CPR is advised.

  • Training Completion Number

    After Completion of Security Guard (40-hour) Training as mentioned in Step ¡, you will be provided with a training completion number. This number is needed to register for security guard test with Service Ontario.

  • Security Guard Test.
  • Apply for Security Guard License

    After your test results you can apply your license either via mail or by applying online at Service Ontario.If you have applied online you can get your printable digital copy of your license as soon as your application is approved.

Possession of Private Security and Investigators License (Generally known as ‘Security Guard License’) is necessary for an individual willing to work as a Security Guard in his/her individual capacity or through a licensed agency. Security Guard job mainly consists of protection of People and Property.

Mentioned below are some of the Positions one can acquire as a Security Guard: -

  • Construction site guard
  • Covid-19 Security
  • Retail Security
  • Concierge guard
  • Event security guard
  • Mobile security guard
  • Loss prevention guard

One cannot work as a Security Guard without occupying a valid Security Guard License. Working without security guard licence consider as offence under Ontario Private Security and Investigative Services Act.

If you meet the requirements of Ontario Private Security and Investigative Services Act,2005 then you are eligible to apply for a security guard license

Some Basic Criteria are: -

  • Clean criminal record in Canada
  • Must be 18 years age or older
  • Must be eligible to work in Canada

To know more about criminal offences under THE CRIMINAL CODE (CANADA) visit

To check your eligibility to work in Canada visit

The whole process of Security guard licence application can take up to 30 days. After application is approved, digital licence is issued immediately and then physical copy is delivered by mail in few days.

Test results are out within 2 business days from the test date.

Security guard must carry security licence all the time on duty and mustpresent it if anyone demands to see. On duty Guard has to follow this code of conduct. Failure to do so can result in the following charges.

Each test is CDN $66.50 plus 13% HST for a total of $75.15. The fee includes your test reservation, test administration, and test marking; it does not include the ServiceOntario licensing fee.

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