Unarmed Security Guards

Are you searching for professional unarmed security guards services? At Alpha Security Services, our trained security guards play an essential role in protecting any area from robbery or any other harm. They will ensure that your business and homes are adequately protected. Our professional security guards can also provide prompt responses to odd situations, offering adequate support and assistance and even arresting dangerous criminals.

Alpha Security Services is one of the leading security guard companies. So we make the best choice when you need reliable security services. Further, there are several reasons why individuals choose our services. The main reason is that we provide a unique and comprehensive security plan that integrates both traditional law enforcement and 24-hour security service. When these two forces are combined, we can offer a complete security service hardly available anywhere else.

What Are The Advantages Of Hiring Security Guard Services?

The first and foremost benefit of hiring our service is that you have various options to choose from. So you can select the specific services that fit your unique security needs. For instance, you can select between unarmed or armed security guards. They both have undergone rigorous and specialized training that is precise to the job.

Moreover, our guards possess expertise in performing their duties in just about any situation. However, these guards cannot arrest the person without the permission of a police officer. On the other hand, armed security guards are allowed to capture an individual. In those situations where they feel that they can cause severe harm or injury to someone.

In addition, one of the most significant benefits of hiring our security guard services is that we adhere to the local and state laws when protecting the property premises. Apart from this, our security guards will also offer drug detection and testing. This will help in knowing that your employees are not carrying any illegal drugs. Other benefits provided to employees include daily or weekly security updates and preventive measures to remain safe.

24 Hour Security Guards Services

There are several situations where you require 24 hours security services. Due to this reason, we offer professional security guard services 24 hours a day and seven days a week. If you lose an employee because of a medical emergency, you need to hire another employee to replace that person. When you hire our services, we can prevent and save your employees from getting injuries during an emergency. It is because we possess years of experience in this regard.

Why Should You Hire Alpha Security Services For Your Security Needs?

When you hire our service, you are going to get more than you expect. Our professional security guards maintain close contact with police officers and other emergency staff. We can assist you in many ways. It includes monitoring security cameras and providing detail and relevant information about all the security systems present within the building. This implies that you can rest assured that your property security is being looked after 24/7. In addition, our security guards possess the relevant license to carry a weapon on duty. This is best if you want to feel safe while you are working.

Further, you will also get extra peace of mind that our professional security guards are trained in the use of body armour and other self-defence gadgets. It helps in stopping even the most severe attacks. So no matter what your budget is, you can hire our team to protect your property, people and possessions at any time.

For more information or details don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Give us a call at +1 877 725 7422 or send us an email at info@alphasecurityservices.ca. Discuss in detail your security requirements, and our experts will provide you with a cost-effective solution.

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