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The need for high-rise building security is on the rise in different cities. Nowadays, facilities such as apartments, hotels, shopping centers, and much more are included in high-rise buildings. Individuals that ranges from casual citizens to VIPs primarily access these buildings. Also, these buildings contain precious things that require special attention in the form of security. All these aspects make it necessary to hire security services. Alpha Security Services provides highly trained, professional and experienced security officers.

Alpha Security Services is amongst the most reputed and established security companies. We offer a comprehensive range of cost-effective security solutions that meet the requirements of every specific building. Our guards have undergone thorough specialized training courses to adjust themselves to fit any situation and environment quickly. In addition, our professionals make sure that the specific building is safe and has a pleasant environment for residents and visitors.

Why Do Buildings Require a Highly Efficient Security Service?

High-rise buildings are such types of places that have zero room for errors. Any loophole in the building security system can result in a terrible event. So these buildings must be kept safe from unwanted people. Also, the building needs to be under constant supervision to prevent the probability of dangers that can occur due to issues like fire. So, the best way to provide ultimate security to the building is to hire our professional security service and make it a safer place for your residents and visitors.

Moreover, the high-rise building security guards must complete a state-licensed training program before they can be deployed at a post. All of our staff members have undergone a stringent background check, alcohol and drug screening and are also required to take intensive training. This training makes sure that they provide quality services to the customers and handle all situations appropriately.

Duties of a High Rise Security Guard

Assess areas inside and outside the building to identify any potential security risks. Create and implement suitable security plans and control systems, and it can address issues such as:

1. Ensure barriers and locking systems and secure storage areas, access control systems. Protect lighting, improve communication systems and manage parking and traffic control.

2. Protect property, proprietary information, forgery, fraud and theft, and personal screening. In addition, they effectively manage the security force, develop investigative and loss analysis reports.

3. Prompt disaster response and recovery, prevent workplace violence and security threats. Prevent terrorism and kidnapping, ransom and extortion, strikes and labour disturbances.

4. Inform all building residents and visitors about security plans and encourage appropriate involvement.

5. Identify contacts of key security and management. Regularly update and amend security plans as needed and communicating necessary revisions.

Choose Us For Your Security Guard Needs

No Long Term Contract

There are no long-term contracts. Instead, we design custom security plans to meet each customer's individual needs.

24/7 Security Service

Our guards provide patrolling service 24 hours a day and seven days a week. This helps in analyzing the potential security threat areas and also informs the clients about the security performance level.

Fully Trained Security Guards

Alpha Security Services security guards have passed the rigorous screening process, background checks and drug testing. They have also received comprehensive training.

Fully Licensed, Insured & Bonded

Alpha Security Services is a fully insured and bonded company. So you don't have to worry about your property getting damage or any resident getting a physical injury.

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