COVID-19 Preventive Measures for Security Guards

COVID-19 Preventive Measures for Security Guards

  • 21 Aug, 2020
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Any profession that directly interacts with the public is extremely prone to the Covid-19 threat. Hence, security service professionals also need extra precaution against this deadly virus. Sadly, security service was one such exceptional industry that even worked during the lockdown phase. Life of security guards are very precious and thus, being a trusted security service company, ALPHA Security today lists simple Covid-19 preventive measures for security guards. All security guards must abide to this anti Covid-19 practices during and after their duty hours:

Use PPE Kit
While a mask, a face shield, and gloves might be working for the general public, security guards must opt for a personal protective equipment kit particularly during their duty hours. This is for enhanced safety protocol. As PPE kits are disposable, new PPE kits must be offered to security guards by their respective agency. ALPHA Security as a promising security guard agency in Kitchener recommends security guards to wear PPE kits during duty hours as a precautionary measure.

Develop Personal Habits
As security guards are on duty for prolonged hours, they must develop new personal habits like washing hands every hour with soap and water, not touching face or mouth frequently and maintaining a 6ft-10ft gap while interacting with the public. This is for their own personal safety and must be abided despite hectic work schedule or even in rush hours. Agencies may also conduct crash security guard training programs in this regard.

Limit Contacts
ALPHA Security suggests security personnel to work from their own chamber and communicate with others through windows only. Still if direct communication or patrolling is required, remember to maintain 6ft – 10 ft distance with the public, fellow colleagues and so on. In case of emergency if you breach this, please head for a shower and change as early as possible.

Daily Health Checkup
As mentioned earlier, as security guards have an extreme threat of the Coronavirus, it is better to keep an eye on their health condition on a daily basis. At ALPHA Security, health temperature record on a daily basis is a must for all security body guards. In case, any body guard feels unwell off or during duty hours, they must be approved medical leave and medical support. ALPHA Security is a private security guard service provider in Canada.

Frequent Sanitization
Security guards working during this crisis must reserve time for frequent sanitization. From their own devices to the common surface, work desk and hands, security guards must keep using sanitizer frequently. ALPHA Security is offering both hand sanitizer and spray sanitizer for the health and protection of its officers.

The aforementioned list of precautions for security guards is highly recommended and ardently followed at ALPHA Security, the best security company in London Ontario.

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