5 Ways to Improve Concierge Security Services

5 Ways to Improve Concierge Security Services

  • 18 Jul, 2020
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When the work-profile of a security guard includes hospitality services, then it is referred to as concierge security guard services. Concierge guards particularly work for hotels, restaurants, events and malls.

On arrival of visitors and during their stay, concierge guards take the initiative of guiding the visitor with all required information about the surrounding such that the visitor does not feel unattended at any moment. Opting for concierge security guards makes it little easy for the organizer particularly in case of large shows or celebrity-level gatherings.

In this blog post by Alpha Security, we are listing 5 ways to improve Concierge Security Guard Services.

Administrative Knowledge

On-duty concierge security guards must be trained with the administrative knowledge associated with the event, venue or organizer. This helps the guard to easily clarify all initial visitor queries. Concierge guards, who fail to answer initial visitor queries, cannot make a long lasting impression.

Responsive Decision-Making Capability

Though concierge guards usually work under the guidance of a manager, yet they must develop responsive decision-making capability. In front of visitors going back to the manager for simple solutions might not be always possible particularly in rush hours. In such cases the responsive decision-making capability of concierge guards really help.

Hospitality Etiquettes

Guards who choose to offer concierge services must practice hospitality etiquettes. Losing temperament or being rude to guests often costs heavy to both the concierge guards and the corresponding security guard service provider. When on-duty as a concierge guard, one must put up the best behaviour particularly in front of visitors.

Aware Of the Guest-List

Concierge security guards are usually responsible for barring anonymous or suspicious entry at their site of service. Hence, being accustomed to the guest list in advance is a must. In some cases, guests bring in invitation cards to solve the purpose.

Tackling Letters and Parcels

Often receiving letters and parcels is included in the duty list of concierge body guards when hired for commercial spaces. Commercial spaces usually have a large number of property owners. It is mandatory for the guards to be organized in order to deliver the right letter/parcel at the correct doorstep.

The above list of 5 ways to improve Concierge Security Services is easily compiled by Alpha Security team because we spend hours to train our concierge guards with these traits.

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